Saturday, February 9, 2013

Face 9, Feb 9th, 2013

For face 9 in the 29 Faces challenge. I painted my bantam silkie hen, Blindey.  No she's not blind but as a chick you couldn't see her eyes so my boys named her Blindey.  At first I didn't like the name but now I'd say it's one of my favorites we named our chickens.  Currently i have 12 hens and 1 rooster.  I do really enjoy painting chickens and have painted my rooster a few times.. In fact he's my next portrait.  I'd like to paint the rest of my pets too.  Really enjoying this painting and it's helping me get my painting groove back.  Yay!  I was in a slump too long but now am feeling so excited to be back to it.

anywho..  Here's Blindey.

Painted on 4"x4"x3/4" acrylic on Canvas.

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  1. You're so talented! Yes, bring on the rooster. Lovely to meet you through the 29 faces FB group - had to find you here - I'm a new fan :()
    Kristin xo

    1. Thanks Kristin!!! I'm not getting notified of comments.. i bet it's going to my unused gmail email? guess I should go check that sometime. :)
      Really appreciate the comment as I try and get my painting groove back. :)