Monday, May 23, 2011

Nibblefest May

I have been creating art pendants on scrabble tiles, glass tiles and in bezels which I have been adding to my Etsy store here:

Theme for May Nibblefest is Villages or Townscapes, so I thought I'd create a glass tile art pendant from my painting, "Venice Abandoned".    I thought it made a beautiful pendant.   I adhered an archival print to a glass tile and signed the back which you can see in the pics.   Listing is for the pendant and a necklace.  Winner needs to just message me if they want to choose a different colored organza necklace or ball chain necklace or I'll send with the black organza necklace that is shown in the photo going through the bail.

Auction ends May 27th evening.

Click on pic to go to auction. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Nibblefest "Absracts"!!! :)

I absolutely LOVE abstracts but rarely paint them.  I have to say I was very happy with this abstract that I am really itching to do more of them!  Of course I still will do my still life's and other things, but I hope to incorporate more abstracts.  Well I know not everyone "gets" abstracts.  I have some people tell me.. "I just don't like them" while others just adore them.  I love seeing the colors on the canvas.. the textures and you can look at them and find things within the painting.. It can mean different things to different people.  That's why I love them.  Now my 9 year old. I said to him, "Ryan.. what do you think of my painting?".. His reply, "I don't get it!"   That made me laugh!

Anyway.. this is my entry ending TODAY!!!  I should of blogged it earlier but this was only a 3 day auction.  It's on a 16x16x1.5" canvas.. It's very textured and scraped up.  I have to say it was so fun to do and I love the colors!

Sides are painted black and it's ready to hang!

Click on the pic to go to the auction!  Thanks for looking! :D

upclose.. see all the texture! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Nibblefest on EBay :)

February Nibblefest theme is dreams.   Wait, is this my dream or the roosters?? :D

Nibblefest contest ends tomorrow February 27th about 7pm pacific time.

You can also search my entries each time I enter by searching "NFAC Sims" (NibbleFest Art Contest)
Contests run from the 20th-27th each month with a different theme on EBay.

Rooster, Bowl and an Egg
*painting continues on sides*
*Ready to hang*

Monday, January 24, 2011

January Nibblefest

Nibblefest theme for January is Circus.   I've had this cute little glass clown figurine I bought in Italy.. I have him sitting on a shelf here and he always makes me smile.. such a happy clown.   :D   I thought i'd do a simple still life of him.   In the center of the glass on the actual clown is some glitter, so I painted along the center of him (along the buttons) some gold glitter paint.  It doesn't photo very well and hard to see in the photo, but it's really a nice little bling to the painting.    This would look cute in a kids room or for anyone who enjoys clowns.  He's a nice clown.. not scary at all! ;D

I send out a reminder email once a month when I enter this contest.  If anyone would like to be added to that list.. (only once a month email) you can email me at: and I'll add you.  Thanks! :)

Glitters the Clown
5x7x3/4" Acrylic on canvas
(click photo to go to auction)