Saturday, July 26, 2014

July Nibblefest Art contest 'Animals in Hats' -- "Catness EverQueen"

Ends tomorrow! Sorry I'm late to blog.  Actually I haven' kept up  on my blogging lately but I will try and get my Nibblefest entries blogged each month.  This months theme is "Animals in Hats".  My entry is a beautiful white cat in Victorian dress and a green hat sitting in a red chair.  Inspired by the painting , "Portrait, Princess di Saint" by Francesco Hayez (1840) .  

Catness EverQueen
9x12x1 3/8"
acrylic on canvas
wire hanger on back.. No frame needed!
Painting continues on sides
Auction HERE
My entries searchable on eBay by "NFAC Sims"

ends soon!  
4x4" matted print of Strawberries: Polish Pottery LXXIV
matted to fit 8x10" frame

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