Thursday, January 22, 2015

Painting #8 30 in 30, Nibblefest entry, Polish Pottery Still life

My 8th painting this month for 30 in 30 and also my Nibblefest contest entry for the (third letter in your first name  theme).   So for heAther , I am doing "A is for Apple" and on a Polish pottery plate in the flowering peacock pattern (pattern 166A- Zaklady).

5 day auction on eBay ending on the 27th and starting at 99cents, NO reserve!!   Winners are the entries with most 'unique' or individual bidders, so if you like this painting! Bid.. very low start price!  Great monthly art contest I enjoy participating in each month on eBay.   Consider signing up for my newsletter to get my monthly entries and coupon codes.

"Apples: Polish Pottery LXXXV"
6x6x 7/8"
acrylic on canvas
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Print coming soon to Etsy!! :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

painting #7 , 30 in 30

Painting #7 for me this month was painted from a friends photo of a newborn baby longhorn cow named, Summer..   She said I could paint from her pics! Thank you Deb! I do really enjoy the cow paintings and need to go out and take some references myself.  I do have a good reference photo I took and one day I will paint on a huge canvas!   Can't wait!   Nibblefest  art contest on eBay painting is up next..  starting at 99cents no reserve..  stay tuned .. :)

5x5x1 3/8"
acrylic on canvas
no frame needed
available on Etsy HERE

print available HERE

Friday, January 16, 2015

Painting #6 .. day 16..

Ok.. you are thinking it.. only 6 paintings?   LOL.. yep!  I have painted every single day so that is a good thing although some days I didn't paint for very long..    I didn't want to burn out too bad but I'm feeling behind to be honest.   My personal goal is to paint every single day and at least get to 15 by end of month.. so i better step it up.. YIKES!! 

"Bowl of Lemons: Polish Pottery LXXXIV"
6x8x1 3/8"
acrylic on canvas
painting continues on sides, no frame needed
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Print of this painting available HERE

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 14.. painting #5 in the 30 in 30 painting challenge

Day 14 and only on my 5th painting! Yikes..  yes I need to step it up..  Making a personal goal to get to 15 paintings this month.   I have painted everyday this month ,which is wonderful, as I haven't been doing that in way too YAY!

My 5th painting is a  Polish pottery still life painting.   Cut up kiwi fruit and fork set on a Wiza daisy patterned plate.    I love the patten of the pottery being the background of the fruit..  so fun to paint these patterns!   I love the vibrant colors in this one..  a fun painting to do!

Kiwi: Polish Pottery LXXXIII
acrylic on canvas
sides painted black
no framed needed

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Print of this painting listed HERE

Monday, January 12, 2015

day 12 .. painting #4 this month

Playing with these abstracts and trying new things.    I'll keep working on doing more with the still lives and a few animal paintings too.

Escape II
Acrylic mixed media on canvas
Original unavailable.  (my son claimed it for his room! LOL)

Print of this painting available on Etsy HERE

(image on wall NOT to scale...  just example)
Prints sized up to 11x14" available with mat option

Thursday, January 8, 2015

30 in 30, day 8.. 3rd painting.. Polish Pottery still life

Been a hectic week and I'm behind and I doubt I'll have 30 paintings but I am painting everyday.  Monday evening we were watching the Killing on Netflix and my 12yr old made popcorn and I was eating some and broke my tooth!!  Yikes!   2 dental appointments and a crown later.. I'm posting my next painting, a Polish Pottery still life..     I'm trying to juggle the pottery still life with the abstracts I'm experimenting with so this will be a fun month.

Enough rambling.     Here's my 3rd painting this month.

Pomegranate: Polish Pottery LXXXII
8x8x1 3/8"
acrylic on canvas

Available on Etsy HERE

Print of this painting available HERE

Monday, January 5, 2015

30 in 30 painting challenge, day 5, abstract painting

Day 5 and my 2nd painting of the month.

I have always loved abstract paintings.  I never paint them but I love them.   I am really happy with this abstract piece I finished yesterday.    Lots of impasto textures, scratches and movement in this painting.    Blues, reds, oranges, yellows and whites.     I'll be painting more abstracts this month to mix in between my other paintings such as my Polish Pottery still life series.

16x20x 3/4"
sides painted black
hanger on back..  
no frame needed. 

On Etsy HERE

Print of this painting available on Etsy HERE

Saturday, January 3, 2015

30 painting in 30 days.. January 2015!

So I signed up on New Years Eve  to do the 30 paintings in 30 days painting challenge.   It is a big commitment and while I love it.. wipes me out to keep up.    Here we are on the 3rd of the month and I'm posting my 1st painting but I didn't start till late on the 1st ..  Ok.. I won't give a bunch of excuses but I'm going to get as many of the 30 paintings done that I can and also plan to get farther in my Polish Pottery Still Life Series!     One of my paintings in the series will be included in a Polish pottery annual magazine and I really want to get farther in the series as it's been since August that I painted one last.  Yikes.

Ok.. enough rambling!  I have lots of painting to do!  My plan is get farther.. hopefully in the 90's of this series, experiment with abstracts as they are something that I love and want to experiment with those


My 1st paining on day 3 of the challenge is:

"Eggs: Polish Pottery LXXXI"
acrylic on canvas
6x8x 1 3/8"

Original available on Etsy (prints will be added also).  HERE

Prints of this painting on Etsy HERE