Thursday, January 22, 2015

Painting #8 30 in 30, Nibblefest entry, Polish Pottery Still life

My 8th painting this month for 30 in 30 and also my Nibblefest contest entry for the (third letter in your first name  theme).   So for heAther , I am doing "A is for Apple" and on a Polish pottery plate in the flowering peacock pattern (pattern 166A- Zaklady).

5 day auction on eBay ending on the 27th and starting at 99cents, NO reserve!!   Winners are the entries with most 'unique' or individual bidders, so if you like this painting! Bid.. very low start price!  Great monthly art contest I enjoy participating in each month on eBay.   Consider signing up for my newsletter to get my monthly entries and coupon codes.

"Apples: Polish Pottery LXXXV"
6x6x 7/8"
acrylic on canvas
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Thank you for looking! :)

Print coming soon to Etsy!! :)


  1. Nice painting! The blue plate with red dots is incredible. The red apples compliment the design perfectly!

    1. thanks so much Tam!!! I enjoyed this one! 85th in my still life series... hoping to get to #90 by end of month.. LOL.. i am no where close to 30 painting this month but it's the best b/c even when i haven't had much time in a day to paint.. i painted just a little bit so it's a great challenge and kick in the pants to paint every day! :D