Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Painting #9 in January 30 in 30.. finished in February? ;D

Ok.. I started this painting to be completed in January but then life got in the way. A very busy week and I just didn't have much time to paint but I did hope to finish this one in January to post in the challenge. I'll see if I can even add it to the challenge? Maybe  it's too late.   The thing about this challenge that is so wonderful is it gets me out of my painting lulls.. I have been in a bit of a funk since the end of 2014.  I was really only completing my Nibblefest art contest entry each month.   This year I'm wanting to blog more (yeah I know I've said that in the past).  Facebook is making it harder and harder for art pages to be seen so maybe blogging more is the answer?

My goal this year is to work on my Polish Pottery still life series, add new items to my Etsy shop
 ( that I hope to announce soon) , paint more animals (great break in between still lives to not get burned out) and keep at my abstracts.  Really enjoy the abstracts.

Anywho.. this would of been my 9th in January..  but I plan to keep up my painting momentum and blogging more.. So please follow my blog.

"Cherries: Polish Pottery LXXXVI"
8x10x 1 3/8"
acrylic on canvas
for sale on Etsy HERE 

Print listed HERE

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