Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Surreal Cow painting for Nibblefest on eBay / New Polish pottery still life painting on Etsy!

My Nibblefest Art Contest entry this month on eBay.  Starting bid at 99cents!  No reserve.. ends Friday evening!
Cowbert Moo-ney
8x8x1 3/8"
acrylic on canvas
sides painted black 
varnished and ready to hang (or stand on shelf)

Cowbert's muse:
Robert Southey poet.. painting by John James Masquerier ( 1800- public domain image)

Original acrylic painting for Nibblefest art contest theme of "Black and White"- February 2015

My entry is  "Cowbert Moo-ney  " based on poet laureate, Robert Southey's portrait , painted by  John James Masquerier ( 1800- public domain image).   Robert Southey was known for his poetry and documenting his dreams in letters, often based on death.   What a coincidence!!  Cowbert is also known to document dreams of death in a book of poetry  and written tales of cattle that have left the ranch. Cowbert likes to munch on grass while recording these dreams..  T-bone, Sirloin and Meatloaf Moo-ney to name a few are in Cowberts book titled, "The Mad Cow Dairy"- by Cowbert Moo-ney

I painted this portrait of Cowbert just like his favorite poet Robert Southey.  He was honored to be have his portrait painted.

NEW Polish Pottery Still Life painting and number 87 in the series (13 to go to #100!!!!!!  Yay!!!)

Colored Daisies: Polish Pottery LXXXVII
6x12x1 3/8"
acrylic on canvas
varnished and ready to hang on a wall or display on a shelf!  Deep canvas makes it easy to just stand on a shelf! :)

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