Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Face #6 February 6th, 2013

Face #6,,,  I thought I'd do a girl with a high ponytail and blonde hair. I'm having fun experimenting with the eyes and I particularly love how her eyes turned out.

I need name suggestions again..

She's painted on 4x4x3/4" canvas.   I really like this size. I bought some mini easels (you can find them at Michaels) and put them on that as I do them and they look really cute! I'll have to get a pic of one on a mini easel.

I listed her on Etsy here:

Sides painted black


  1. Your eyes came out beautiful. She is beautiful. I love the "A Sink Full" on your sidebar. Great work.

  2. Your eyes are very pretty. I like how the light is in them and the colorshades.

  3. Thanks Gloria and Angenita!!! Faces are so not my norm so having fun experimenting and yes.. i wanted to try and experiment a bit on her eyes.. and was pleased with how they came out!! Thanks Gloria.. still life's are what I usually do.. i still will paint more.. want to do another sink still life but I may just have to juggle these type of paintings in b/c they are way too fun! :)