Sunday, February 24, 2013

Face 24.. 50 Shades of Moo: Old Bossy Feb 24,2013

Face 24 was a fun one..    I originally thought i'd just paint a cow portrait when my husband suggested I make the cow up and an art friend suggested adding glasses..  I put in the book and then asked for suggestions for a book title and she said "50 Shades of Moo".. Now I read the 50 shades book too.. so thought her suggestion was great! Thank you Vicky Knowles!..  Notice the cow bell on the book cover..

I'm going to have to paint more fun ones like this!  I enjoyed it so much!

50 Shades of Moo: Old Bossy
4x4x3/4" acrylic on canvas
sides painted black
ready to display
Etsy listing here:

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