Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to painting!

Well after a real dry spell from painting.  I painted only one painting in the past 5 months.. bleh!   I miss it and am back on board!  Woot!   I'm getting ready for Nibblefest art contest on EBay starting November 20th early!  I have always enjoyed doing Nibblefest but I let life get in the way this summer.  It was a crazy summer.  I was beyond busy  working on outside work (stacking logs, hauling branches etc)..   Plus I got new chicks!   Yay!   I already have 6 chickens and LOVE getting the eggs, so I added more chicks and can't wait for them to lay their beautiful eggs.  I may have to get into selling them if  I get too many.  LOL.

So anyway..  I'm back to painting again and when I paint.. I'm happy and when I go for periods of time without painting I start feeling angst about painting again.   I have older blogs and probably will close them and ,move here to Blogspot as it seems the most active and also gives me a fresh start to blogging

This past spring we had a family of foxes take residence along our driveway.  This fox was hanging around and running the fence with my dog.  Crazy, I thought.  Then I heard noises coming from a pipe than ran under our driveway..  Well after further investigation we found out that there were baby foxes living in that pipe and momma fox would sometimes hang out in the daytime near the pipe but on the other side of the fence and away from my dog.  I spotted her so much I figured I'd name her and so I started calling her "Betty".  I took probably 50+ photos of Betty and then when we found the kits in the pipe took photos of them too.   Betty and her kids lived along my driveway and at the neighbors house.  Luckily I keep my chickens in a covered run, so they have been safe.  (knocks on wood).

So Nibblefest theme for November is "Furry Friends" whether Betty the Fox is a friend or not.. can be argued.   I decided to paint from one of the photos I took.. in the background you can see what looks like a window and that's actually my neighbors windshield on the RV they have.

So this painting will get listed on November 20th starting at 99cents and when I post that.. I'll blog the listing..  I'll also be working on customizing this blog.

Betty the Fox
10x10x1.5 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas



  1. You are a truly talented artist with your own unique style!

  2. You did a great job with this Heather! I'm so glad you're painting again.