Saturday, November 13, 2010

Adding paintings to Etsy

My momma fox painting posted above will be entered into Nibblefest on the 20th and I'll post links when I get that going.   After momma fox I decided to paint one of her kits that would hide in the pipe during the day.   They marked that pipe.. they didn't want me coming anywhere near that pipe where Betty and her kids stayed.  I even had one night of walking down the driveway and spotting Betty with a fresh kill that she was probably going to take to the pipe to feed her kids.   Betty saw me and hid the kill and followed me up the driveway!!  It was a little spooky to be honest but she kept at a nice distance. I'm sure after she was sure I was away from the pipe where her babies were she went back to get their dinner.    I got many photos of her kits in the pipe and when I said she marked it..  I can say that fox pee smells horrid.. but I wanted those photos! LOL.   if you didn't know any better you think a skunk was near.   I had to get on the ground with a camera and a flash light to get these photos and I got several and one little video too.   The first photo we took (ok my husband took b/c I feared for what was inside that it would come and eat our face or something.. heh ;D ) we got TWO fox kits in the pipe.. sooooo cute!  Maybe I'll paint that one too someday.

Anyway.. I painted this fox kit from one of the many photos I took and just listed it on Etsy.
"Fox Den"
Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas
Sides painted black.. ready to hang!

Click on picture to go to listing. :)

sides painted black

I thought I'd also add to my Etsy store an older painting of mine.  I really can't keep all my paintings and I have some favorites I've been unable to part with.  I won first place on this painting in my category for an art contest I entered in Stuttgart, Germany.   I love the bright colors in it and know why I've held on to it so long, but it's time to list it and find a new home as I go on a painting spree!  Yipee..

From one of my European inspired still life series

Confetti: Europe Still IX
Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas
Ready to hang

click on either picture to go to listing. :)

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