Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Polish Pottery painting!! Original ends on eBay tonight. Dragonflies!

My latest painting in my Polish Pottery Still Life Series was done for the monthly art contest I do each month and LOVE on eBay!  This contest keeps me in check from going too long in between paintings.  Theme this month is Dragonflies!   Last month I did a stacked teacups painting and placed 2nd in the contest.  Thank you to all who bid as each bid counts to placing in this contest! :)

My entry this month and ends tonight!!!  

Note: NibbleFest Art Contest (NFAC) runs from the 20-27th each month.  My entry is a 3 day auction.

Dragonflies: Polish Pottery XCII
8x10x1 3/8" 
Acrylic on canvas
Ready to hang (wire on back)
** You can also search , NFAC Sims , on eBay to find this entry***

Thank you for last months placing!!


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