Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nibbefest Ends today! plus Polish Pottery work in progress

I LOVED the 29 Faces challenge I did in February and plan on participating for the next 29 Faces challenge.   One of the things I really enjoyed about the challenge is trying new things.  Typically I paint still lifes, pet portraits and such.  29 Faces was fun because I got to experiment and try made up faces and even a fun creature I named Larry.. He was so much fun, in fact, I plan to paint more with Larry and he sold immediately when listed on Etsy.  I got a lot of positive feedback on him which made me want to experiment and try some new things with my paintings.  I'll still continue with my still lives but this is fun to mix it up too.  Pet portraits will always be fun.  I also would like to tackle a realistic face. maybe paint Darrell from Walking Dead?  Was thinking about that as I watched last Sunday's episode. Love Walking Dead!

I didn't paint much in 2012 or really even 2011..  I guess just a slump.  I think all artists go through that.   2011 was the last time I painted a Polish Pottery Still life.. Sad!  I really love my Polish pottery still life series and will definitely be continuing that after I've received inquiries when I'll be painting new ones.  Now!! The series is back underway! Yay!! :)

So I have Polish Pottery 62 underway.. I'm super excited about it..think it will turn out well..  Here's the Work in progress photo..   It's 16x20 which feels huge after all the 4x4's I painted in February for 29 Faces... Stay tuned.. Hoping to have this finished later in the week.. LOTS of detail and much to do! :D

My Nibblefest entry ends today!!  I blogged about it on March 20th.. Check it out..  Bunny Foo Foo likes to bop mice on the head and the good fairy warns him 3 times or she'll turn him into a goon.. (Check my last blog post if you want to read the nursery rhyme) Years later.. as he sits on the park bench with his bloody mallet he's still bopping those mice.   The good fairy isn't happy and she's casting her spell.   Look out Bunny Foo Foo.. see the mouse on back with his own mallet out for revenge?  LOL..  I really had a great time painting Bunny Foo Foo.. and it ENDS tonight! grab it while you can.. it's a bit dark humor and cute too! :)

Or search EBay for "NFAC Sims" and you can find my monthly Nibblefest entries.  Contact me if you'd like to be included on my mailing list.  :D

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